Author Topic: Avast Online Security & Safeprice in my Firefox's addon folder act weird  (Read 2020 times)

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I went on my FF addon list for the first time after installing newest Avast update a while back, and I noticed that Avast Online Security and Safeprice (I don't use Safeprice as default but I tried to enable it for seeing if both of them were acting up) didn't have their's icons or short descriptions and had Firefox's general addon icons (green puzzle piece) instead. When I tried to click Firefox's "Show more" option (which usually would open a page to show addon's general info), I got only blank white page. Also these two addons didn't have "Settings" button, only "Disable" and "Delete". I tried temporarily disabling AOS, but the addon's icon stayed next to URL bar with my other addon icons. However, AOS seems to have worked completely normaly besides this during my casual internet browsing.

Could've latest Avast update cause these addons to act up on my addons list and what should I try to fix them?
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Re: Avast Online Security & Safeprice in my Firefox's addon folder act weird
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Did you fixed it?