Author Topic: Did avast "release" new certificates?  (Read 708 times)

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Did avast "release" new certificates?
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:03:09 PM »
Whenever I change the avast version or e.g. when a new version of avast (free) comes out my email client complains about an unknown certificate. I then have to export the two avast certificates (Mailscanner Root and Web/Mail Shield Root) from certmgr in Windows and import the certificates into the mail client.

No problem.

But just now my email client complained again - even though I didn't change the version (I'm running v12.1). Also, the old certificates run from 2014-2024, the new one from 2010-2040, which seems odd to me (starting point earlier than older certificate).


I just realized only the "Web/Mail Shield Root" certificate changed / is new.


That's why I wanted to check here before trusting those certificates (with my email client anyway, Windows itself does it already...) if it's possible that avast just released "new" certificates - maybe only for older versions, bringing them up to speed with the ones of the current version v17.x.
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