Author Topic: Avast SafeZone browser crashed : Bank Mode & Passwords Extensions dissapeared  (Read 878 times)

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Version:   4.58.2552.909 - Avast SafeZone is up to date
Update stream:   Stable
System:   Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)
Avaast Internet Security: (18/07/2017) version 17.5.2303

Details :  Just happened 1hour 30 minutes ago

1 - I was adding pages to a a Bookmark folder inside Bank Mode Browser
2 - I deleted one of the pages from the refered folder and , suddenly, the Bank Mode Browser was closed
3 - I reopened Avast Safezone browser and Bank Mode & Passwords extensions had dissappeared on the right top corner of the browser
4-  I restart the computer , but the same problem than with step 3
5-  In Control Panel / Programs / Avaast Internet Security software only have the options 'unistall/change' (does not appear 'REPAIR')

What more should I do to solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance !

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Choose change and you should get the repair option.

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1 - I  have executed the option 'Repair' (inside Control Panel / Change menu) without any problem

2 - I have restarted the computer

3 - Avast SafeZone Browser continues without showing Bank Mode & Avaast Paswords logos on the top right corner

What more steps should be done to let be showned Bank Mode & Passwords ?

Thanks in advance !

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anyone else is having this troubles? It seems like a problem in profile.

Can you try to run the browser as Admin? If it helps, it could be known problem which is currently hard to fix right now :(