Author Topic: Just tried to set up syncing, and now all my passwords are gone  (Read 2354 times)

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So I just got a new laptop, and promptly installed avast. I figured since it would be convenient, I would just sync my passwords from my desktop to the laptop. I hit the sync button, and it asked me to sign in. After I did, I hit sync again and nothing happened. So I went to my desktop and powered it up, and when I checked avast passwords, everything was gone. There was at least 30 or 40 passwords there, and now its empty on both devices. What happened and how can I restore my passwords?

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Re: Just tried to set up syncing, and now all my passwords are gone
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 11:33:47 AM »
Hello, I have checked audit log and it seems that avast has sent only one record to synchronization. Could you please double check that you have networking enabled on both machines and keep then connected for little longer, optionally hit sync button (in settings) on both PCs couple times. Also please make sure that in main avast windows (Dashboard section) your my avast account is properly shown there, if not try login to main UI (through dashboard) with the account you have used for synchronization enablement.
If you need direct assistance feel free to PM me ;-)