Author Topic: Avast breaks down all the networking during its setup  (Read 1709 times)

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Avast breaks down all the networking during its setup
« on: August 22, 2017, 11:41:56 PM »
Whatever the way I'm trying to install avast for business - thin or full installer - it hangs on some stage and then if a user reboots the PC all the networking appears completelly broken. Looks like network filtering engine or driver captures all the trafic and doesn't return it back to the system.
After that I have to boot PC in safe-mode and remove Avast, but it's also not such simply! The process of removal also hangs on "running wsc_proxy.exe /svc /unregister /firewall" like described here: Finally I kill the process wsc_proxy.exe 2-3 times using task manager and remover completes its work and removes Avast.
Actually I don't need such functionality like network filtering at all, but Avast doesn't leave me a choice here because I'm unable to make my custom installer with features I need and without other rubbish. So I have to remove all the garbage manually every time I'm installing a new instance, but now I can't even install it!
Now I have to install avast Home or something else on such systems as I can't leave them completelly unprotected. The question is " Avast, WTF?  Is that extremelly hard to give us an ability to choose what to install? Or is it really complicated to test any new solutions *before* to apply it to production? (I'm talking about paid accounts!)"
Products and systems affected:
Avast for Business (Free or paid account, thin or full installer) + Win 7 x64 or Win8.1 x64
And I belive dude is talking about the same issue here:
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