Author Topic: Cant access account after calling PIN  (Read 1175 times)

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Cant access account after calling PIN
« on: August 25, 2017, 11:39:17 AM »
Hey all,

Firstly ive been having the random alerts going off suggesting my phone is lost/stolen... from what i gather, this is due to some phone numbers being being intercepted as commands to try and access my phone which then locks me out... i still cant find any mention of this being resolved, but i have to login to my account on PC to deactivate the siren, which leads me on to my next issue...

I call my PIN from my phone, which goes through to the Avast 'enter your PIN' screen, so i enter my PIN again, only to get a spinning wheel, which never seems to resolve.

So I attempt to reset my PIN, but that pops up with a Google page saying '403 Thats an error. Error: disallowed_useragent'.

In short, i can access my account from my PC no problems, but mobile access is not happening, which makes it VERY annoying when the lost siren goes off in the middle of the cinema, an aeroplane or a library, where i have no access to my PC to resolve it!

Please could someone help?!