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CCleaner malware queries
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:59:26 AM »
We had CCleaner installed on a W10 machine which was recently clean installed for an unrelated issue, so im not able to tell if we had an infected version, but there is a possibility it CCleaner could have been downloaded and installed between Aug and Sept.

Was the malware only bundled with new downloads of CCleaner or versions that where updated ?

I was reading today that the malware targeted some large IT and Telco enterprises, does that mean they where the only targets and that if another user outside of those companies had installed the malware version of CCleaner the malware wouldnt have been executed ?

I also have CCleaner installed on a mac running osx 10.10.5 was the mac version effected ?

This is the second malware bundled with software issue ive come across lately (the first one being bundled with the software Handbrake) is there anything i can do in future to mitigate exposure when downloading and installing software if the malware / virus isnt already know ?

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