Author Topic: avast antivirus dashboard and secureline vpn totally disagree/clash  (Read 1474 times)

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i'm using both avast antivirus and secureline vpn on windows 10.

i don't use the secureline vpn service constantly.  so i keep secureline vpn pinned to my dashboard, and toggle the connection to my optimal server on and off as needed.

when the secureline app shows the connection as active, however, the avast antivirus 'privacy'/'secureline vpn' tab shows that my online privacy is NOT protected, and i get a popup alert confirming this.  but switching it on via the dashboard disconnects me from my optimal server, as the secureline app shows...and then i get a popup alert congratulating me because my online privacy is now protected. 

re-enabling the connection via the secureline vpn app gives me a new popup--my privacy is no longer protected.  and the popup offers to launch my web browser.

it doesn't seem like the dashboard and the app should disagree.  what's up with that?

for the present, i'm taking the app's word for it when it says i'm connected to my optimal server, and assuming that the vpn is functioning, whether the dashboard believes it or not.

i would appreciate any insight anyone can give me into this.  and any suggestions for resolving the conflict.

thanks and best wishes,

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Re: avast antivirus dashboard and secureline vpn totally disagree/clash
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2017, 12:50:15 AM »
I am having the same issues!  I wish that there was a way to enter my secureline licence number to the dashboard so it will stop asking me to buy the subscription when I try to turn it on via the dash...something is seriously not talking to the account database!