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problem with DNS hijack
« on: October 08, 2017, 04:03:54 PM »
I am using internet in China and about a week ago. Avast Wi-fi inspector has picked up DNS hijack. I have changed DNS setting in the router, changed the router's admin id and password. I ran Malwarebytes and did't pick up anything. I visited the F-secure's router scanner, it said my router is fine. Since my internet setting to my router is PPPoE, I just let my internet provider change the DNS. I checked that DNS on google, it correctly said it belonged to China telecom. If i have it changed to google's, which are and, they stay that way. I didn't see any change. I am still having problem with Avast wi-fi inspector. Funny thing is all the hijacked websites,,, ect. I can't normally visit these sites because of China's great firewall. If I use VPN like softether or openVPN, Avast wi-fi inspector doesn't pick up this problem. So I am really curious how Avast Wi-fi inspector works. Is this one of those false positives, or has my PC and router picked malware that can't be picked up by Avast? One thing I noticed is that MAC address on my router and the MAC address Avast says I have on my router is slightly different. The end number of MAC address on router is 03 but Avast says 02.