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Some nuke the spammer
« on: May 05, 2006, 10:59:40 AM »
Hi spam fighters,

I came along this snippet on a blog. What is your opinion here.

Braatolizer was a hot topic lately.


As some of you may or may not know, PRStorm is the name of the tool with which a shitload of idiots are bombarding our weblogs with referrer spam. Probably one of the most evil tools from hell available on the internet. They even have the guts to charge a whopping $60 for this sleazy gui wrapper around a http-getter script. One of the premier large Dutch weblogs Retecool has setup their so called Braatolizer with PRStorm's website (their contact form) as a target. It's a small javascript thingy that automatically fills out the contact form and thus sends them massive amounts of 'feedback email' from their website. The article on is in Dutch but you'll find some screenshots of the tool there as well as the most important part: the Braatolizer script. Download it, and open the page called laatmaardraaien.html in your favourite browser in order to send the PRStorm people some ehm... feedback!
If you do not mind Spamming or think Spammers should be dealt by in another way, leave it alone!

The link for the Braatolizer:

End of exerpt

What do you think about these things. It is bad because you fall into the same line of categories when you retaliate or your eating away valuable bandwidth, that could be used for better purposes than confusing referrer-spammers? What is your particular view here?

Why I think this is NOT SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Referrer spam can be sent by someone who likes to set-up the apparent spamming site, a so-called Joe.job. You would actually help Joe MalSpam there. Your Internet provider is not harassed, because you fill in nonsense forms, but the parties he hosts can be aversely affacted by it, if their servers get loaded with nonsense forms. At a first glance this is a nice option,  while thinking it over it might not be such a good idea after all.

Her they propose some more sensible solutions to referrer spam:

And here is a mailto.encoder, so spambots cannot read:
(the mails given in are not stored there).

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