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This is my second issue with Avast this month. Previously I had the Avast VPN is having technical difficulties trouble. I had uninstalled, ran the downloaded Avast clean tool, reinstalled using the sent instructions from support with the license file for Avast VPN and install codes for Avast Internet Security and Cleanup. Everything on two machines (3 machine licenses) was good. Now out of the blue I got a Activation warning on the taskbar, I opened Avast and the banner said Avast Free Anti Virus, huggh???

I still had my VPN but lost all other paid components including the firewall! So I go offline, uninstall Avast, reboot,run the clean tool in safemode, reboot twice, then reinstall the downloaded program version from earlier this month I think it's 17.4.2294, reboot, briefly go online to insert my activation code and the program contacted the server OK and came back with the correct license information, inserted the activation code for Avast Cleanup, came back fine. Go offline, and reboot. Looks OK except still showing Avast Free Anti Virus, no components installed or active, and no license information except for the VPN that they had sent a valid License file in the first email earlier in the month and I needed to Activate the product. I repeated the the uninstall, clean, and fresh reinstall again, got a confirmed activation with codes sent, then again upon reboot program reverted back to the Free version, not an un-activated paid version like one would normally see with licensing issues. I went online it changed to the Avast Internet Security with components, and then within minutes it reverted back to the Free version on it's own yet again after (I believe) an auto update of the Program version. I neglected to go and turn off auto update and change it to ask first. The settings do not appear the same in theFfree version as the Internet Security Version.

This new problem started today.
Is this an updated program version issue?
Or is this related to the original problem and the codes that were sent in the original support email?
I download the stand alone installer for internet security from the support section originally on Oct. 5th ,2017

Both machines are running Windows 10. The original support ticket was responded by technician Premnath tck#974175 at Avast. My new ticket request# 05467819 submitted earlier today, and have not gotten a response yet. Lost and frustrated, I have over 15 hours, stretched over the course of 4 days total so far into trying to fix Avast. Note: both machines auto reverted on their own sometime within a day or two ago to the free version. I had Avast open 3 days ago and it was not showing Free Anti Virus on the banner, and I had access to the settings of the paid version that i no longer can due to Free version which i'm paying for. Thank You for taking time to read this.
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Re: ** Possible Auto Program Ver. Update revert back to Free Version?
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Reported to Avast.
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Re: ** Possible Auto Program Ver. Update revert back to Free Version?
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