Author Topic: Avast SafePrice - Disabling Popups Selectively  (Read 342 times)

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Avast SafePrice - Disabling Popups Selectively
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:00:23 PM »
Hello forum,

I'm posting with hopes of inciting change and improvement.

I think Avast SafePrice is a good idea which is somewhat poorly executed. It does pop up on many websites that are quite helpful; however, it also pops up on websites where it's irrelevant. At present my main complaint is that there should be a way to permanently disable the extension from popping up on chosen websites--not just being able to disable it for 24 hours, as is currently the case. Also, oftentimes, the deals it shows on the relevant websites aren't necessarily relevant themselves, e.g., some links don't connect as expected to the supposed products/content for which the price comparison is being made. Though I know extensions can't be perfectly programmed and calibrated--particularly those with complicated algorithms like this one--I believe these are things that can be improved. I think this extension can be helpful, and I'm hoping for change and improvement moving forward, which I know will come, but most especially, I'm looking forward to my main issue being resolved; I'm looking forward to being able to permanently set SafePrice to not pop up on chosen websites.

Anyone else?
And that's the way it is, or was, or whatever.