Author Topic: Why I will not renew my Avast licence.  (Read 1467 times)

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Why I will not renew my Avast licence.
« on: November 05, 2017, 06:16:14 PM »
The two years of constant pestering has driven me crazy. I have had Avast on my network for over 7 years paid. Years before that I used the free version or paid for others. The reason Avast stands out is the boot scan feature other AV's do not have.  I have installed Avast on hundreds of systems I've build or maintained over the years.
Number one problem is Avast has become so bloated and resource hungry that it will not run or barely runs on older systems that previously it ran fine.
Number TWO
Two years now the constant emails and constant shoving messages in your face like they are some spamming scammers on the take. Filling my email with messages day after day. How many hours of sorting spam and garbage to get to the email has Avast contributed to wasting? If I was paid for those hours Avast would be free.

Since Microsoft has given them access to your desktop with Windows10 Avast has decided to abuse it to the ridiculous degree. I don't accept notifications and have blocked notifications to the best of my ability. What does Avast do? Go around my blocks and pops a fucking window in the middle of my screan 5 times a fucking day. In the middle of a movie. Avast says go get F***ED your license is running out in a month. Can you tell Avast is pissing me off? Middle of working another popup on every computer in the house. Middle of a games Screw you avast is running a special. In the middle of a conference call get stuffed Avast owns your shit pay me.
 This is abuse and constant harassment. For the first week of this harassment campaign, the only way to remove the f***ing popup was to Ctl-Alt-delete and go hunting for it. There was an X but it didn't function. They started with a simple notification in the corner that was anoying and you couldn't get rid of on a slower system. Then for the past 3 weeks it's this big popup in the middle of every screen. 5 to6 times a god dam day.
This is why I am done with Avast. Avast please leave me the hell alone and stop abusing my email.

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Re: Why I will not renew my Avast licence.
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2017, 09:51:47 PM »
I had enough as well !
No need to explain, just read the numerous compliants.

No personal support at all. The worst ever.
I won't pay renewals for a second time , just to see a permanent status of "expiring license".
I can't not even get in touch with this lousy company.