Author Topic: Web Shiled - breaking HTTPS, not saving settings.  (Read 1446 times)

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Web Shiled - breaking HTTPS, not saving settings.
« on: November 08, 2017, 05:20:38 PM »
Hi all,
Running Avast 17.7..25.26 build 17.7.3660.244
Virus def 171107-0

I've been having issues with it killing HTTPS browsing - many secure pages including would not load due to "Connection reset". I've re-installed the application, didn't help. So I disable HTTPS scanning, this helps, but the feature gets re-enabled automatically on next reboot. I then try to disable the HTTPs scanning completely, but it also gets re-enabled automatically.  I would add specific sites to be excluded from scanning, but the least gets cleared on next reboot.

This deployment is centrally managed and I would rather not make a blanket rule to disable HTTPs scanning organization wide since no one else is complaining.