Author Topic: Avast Free Antivirus crashing all the time!!!!!!!!! Program version: 17.8.2318 (  (Read 1757 times)

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I am using windows 10 64 bits and have the latest version of avast I own more than 5 pcs and on all of them I have avast installed. I even have one with the premium service the thing is that since the last update the program started acting funny it turns off all the shields byitself  and when I notice it on my notifications and then open the program to check what is going on it tells me the program crashed so then I have to click activate all shields. This happens like every couple of hours or so on all my pcs except the one that haves the premier license lease HELP

Program version: 17.8.2318 (build 17.8.3705.0)
Virus definition version: 171112-0
Number of definitions: 5.700.359

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Dear Jose466
we would need to gather few diagnostics files to resolve the issue.
Can you please use this tool to send us logs and dump files
Thank you