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Avast for Asustor NAS
« on: December 05, 2017, 10:46:43 AM »

I have an Asustor NAS since summer of 2017.
When I started to use that immediately installed the only available virus protection software, Avast.
It worked well when I tell about scanning, but never worked the automatic virus definition update.
The virus definitions updates around 8PM, every day, but the app doesn't update itself automatically,
just when I open the app, go to the update section and wait until it downloads and applies the new.

Without opening the app, never updates.
But, scheduled scans can starts without opening the app.

The avast daemon running, it is in processes, but I need the auto-update function for full protection.

I got the info from ASUSTOR that they maintain the app, but can't look behind it why it not updates as it has to.

Called Avast support:
They said they don't have Avast to Linux (Asustor uses special, customized Linux, ADM 3.0)
They support just Windows, MacOS and mobile platform.
Nice, then how is there in App Central Avast Antivirus and no any option to get support for that?  :o

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