Author Topic: Avast Passwords no longer worth it  (Read 85 times)

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Avast Passwords no longer worth it
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:46:11 PM »
I've used Avast for years, and have been very happy with it. When Avast Passwords came out, I was thrilled, especially because it seemed similar to Dashlane, the best of the dedicated password managers I had tried and discarded in the past. I tested AP for a while, liked it, and switched.

Now, a year or two later, AP is increasingly slow (the desktop interface has always been very slow), and my browsers keep throwing up warnings about its scripts blocking/slowing web pages. After struggling with it for some time, including on a complete fresh OS install, I gave up and decided to switch to something else. Except that none of the export functions work or, when they do sometimes work, export only limited data. So now I'm stuck without good access to hundreds of passwords. I'm very unhappy. >:(