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Getting prompted for unsaved passwords!
« on: December 12, 2017, 12:28:39 PM »
Hi Everyone,

So I've been using the password manager for a short while; I manually inputted all my existing passwords for sites I already had accounts with.

As my confidence in the password  manager grew, I started letting it generate secure passwords.  On a new account, I fill in my username or email address, then click on the key symbol in the password field; password manager then generates a password based on the criteria you've selected in advance (like include lowercase, uppercase, punctuation marks, etc.)  I hit enter to go with the generated password, the site accepts it, and off we go.

And that's where it got wonky on me.  When I go back to that site later, password manager autofills okay, but then prompts me about "you've generated a secure password but didn't save it" or something to that effect.  I never saw an "OK" button either in the original generation process, or in the unsaved password prompt.  How do I go about affirming/saving the generated password so I don't keep getting prompted like this?

Thanks... liking it so far, except for this aberration.

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Re: Getting prompted for unsaved passwords!
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2017, 09:34:45 AM »
The prompt you see is prevention to loose generated password for the cases we don't capture login details properly.
Imagine the case you are changing password on some service and you will generate new password by our extension. Then you save your change on the website and for some reason we don't prompt you to save the change to your login storage or you will not confirm the update in case we prompt you to do it. Now your password is changed on the website, but you have old password stored in your avast passwords storage. Next time you go to the website login we automatically fill values we have, but we know that you have generated password for the website and we didn't save it to the storage so we prompt you to resolve this situation. You can either decide later, use that generated password for login attempt or just discard it. If you use that generated password and you log in with it we will prompt you to update password stored in avast password with that new value. If you just mistakenly clicked on password generator and you are sure you didn't do any change on the website you can easily discard the password and we stop prompting you about not saved generated password for the website. I hope it is more clear now.


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Re: Getting prompted for unsaved passwords!
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2017, 12:26:01 PM »
Hi Martin,

Thanks very much for your prompt reply.

I do understand why I'm being prompted for using a generated password, but not saving it; it's a good process to have in place.  I'm confused in that I don't see any apparent way to "confirm and accept" the generated password, and update the account accordingly; I'd expect to see an "OK" button, or "accept," or something along those lines.  I see and understand the prompt, but what I don't see is any way to tell the password manager, "yes, go ahead and use this generated password for this account."  There's no "save," or "OK", or anything else like that.  And so far, I've seen that prompt to update the stored password exactly once, when I changed my Amazon password from the old stored value to one that I asked password manager to generate for me.  THEN I was prompted to update stored password, but that never seems to happen when setting up a new account.

In other words, the popup window telling me I'm using an unsaved password appears to be informational only; there are no user input controls  to tell password manager to go ahead and store the generated password that wasn't saved.  And I still don't understand why it wasn't saved in the first place... again, when Avast generates a password, there is the password, and some "included characters" checkboxes, and a "length" with + and - clickboxes... no "save" or "ok" or any other means of accepting this password other than just hitting "enter" on the keyboard.  When I do this, and visit the site later, I'm always prompted for the unsaved password.  So what am I supposed to be doing (that I'm apparently not doing) to use this password AND save it for future use?  I think I'm attaching a screenshot of the generated password window, but I'm new to Windows 10 and I'm not sure what's actually been saved as a screenshot....
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Re: Getting prompted for unsaved passwords!
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2017, 11:58:19 PM »
Issue remains unaddressed & unsolved.  Still see no way to "confirm and accept/use generated password" from the pop-up password-generation window.  I'm running into issues logging in to sites Avast generated passwords for, apparently because they aren't being saved at the time the password is generated.  I get the prompt for unsaved password at login, tell it to use the generated password... and the login fails.  Don't know what's going on, but if it persists, I'm going to be looking at a different password manager.  Be a shame... it's nice to have it all integrated with an app I already have installed.