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avast secure browser
« on: December 09, 2017, 09:30:35 PM »
I woke up this morning to find that my Avast safezone browser was gone and was replaced with Avast Secure Browser.  All my many bookmarks disappeared as well as a few open pages I had been doing research on.  Why in the world would you do this without warning and at least keep my bookmarks?  Why get rid of a browser that had bank mode and some other things if you don't have them set up on the new browser?  Why not wait until those features exist on the new browser before you replace the old one?   The whole thing reeks of gross incompetence.       Moreover, I now notice that you have hijacked my computer and made Avast my default pdf viewer, even though you are not a pdf viewer.  Did I give you permission for this?  What gives you the right to just go in and do whatever you want on someone's computer without their permission?  Your organization has clearly gotten so used to overstepping your bounds that you no longer even think twice about doing so.
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Re: avast secure browser
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 12:06:51 AM »
It happened to me too. My PDF files don't have the PDF icon anymore and when I double click a file, instead of opening right away, I get a list of programs to choose from to open it. This is unacceptable. I thought Avast protects our computers. But this is hijacking. Avast, please clean up your act. How do I get my PDF icons back and don't have to choose from a list of programs to open them?