Author Topic: Possible Bug In Secure Line For Both Win 7 and Android That Affects Cars+Phones  (Read 3607 times)

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 I may have rolled out this VPN thing as a possible solution to the loss of net neutrality issue a bit prematurely. I have been in contact by phone with a homeless woman who is living in her van on almost a daily basis for the past week or so. Something strange started to happen to her van the day after I installed the vpn upgrade to the avast antivirus program that I am running on my laptop, which is tethered full time to the Internet through my android smartphone. I installed the vpn laptop upgrade on Wed Dec 13th. On Dec 14th, I went for a ride in her van and at the end of the ride her radio and heating system went on the fritz. After I got out of the van, the radio and heating system went back to normal operation. I had my cell phone with me when I was riding in the van and the phone was switched on. Then I installed the same brand of vpn (avast secure line) on my android cell phone on the evening of the 14th. This seemed to totally fix the problem of dropped calls when I call San Jose, CA, as the phone call I made to San Jose on the evening of Dec 15th had no problems with sound or dropping of the call unlike what happened on the previous night and many times previously. The only problem was that the person in San Jose told me that the display on their phone went dark durring the call. I was running the vpn on my cell phone on Dec 16th when the homeless woman called me and there were numerous problems with the multiple calls she made not connecting and the sound dropping out during the call. When I tried to call her back, a 5 digit number instead of my phone number registered on her caller ID, the radio and heater malfunctioned again, and to top it off, a bunch of her contacts got deleted from her phone.

I called up the tech support line at Avast and they told me that their phone support only applies to PC based systems and not to cell phones, but they said that my complaint had been audio recorded and would be reported to management. I also told them that I had filled out a survey that my cell phone vpn app had requested and included my e-mail address ( and that they were welcome to reply to that message. The e-mail address that is used to register my accounts with Avast is also

They also told me that my cell phone was supposed to be already running on a vpn, which I disputed because of the fact that after I installed the additional vpn app all of a sudden it was much easier to load and stream RT America on my phone. Also, the streaming of RT America over the tether to my laptop became much smoother after the laptop vpn was switched on.