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Trick Pop Ups and Chrome Install
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:34:19 PM »
Anti virus exists to protect users against dishonesty and unwanted intrusion.

Each Avast Free upgrade tries to trick the user into changing to Google Chrome. Frequent pop ups try to sucker the user into signing up for a paid version.

I support some older users who are fine with using a PC but repeatedly misled by Avast’s dishonest tactics. How do they tell the difference between a genuine alert and a scam advert?  Avast’s behaviour undermines the whole principle of security software. I once recommended AVG to a sizeable company, on the strength of my use of its then excellent free version.  Would I recommend Avast….?

I have NO problem with Avast advertising its professional version or promoting chrome, but why not make it clear and honest rather than trying to trick people dishonestly?

(Oh, and I would have sent this message privately if the Contact Us didn’t lead round in a circle to FAQs that nobody asks).