Author Topic: Is sQusi the only tracking blocker?  (Read 2771 times)

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Is sQusi the only tracking blocker?
« on: June 04, 2006, 02:26:03 PM »
Hi you undoer's of evil,

After I got a warning about a Firefox tracking cookie being blocked, I went to check out for a tracking blocker and landed at

I quote from another forum thread: "The links on the home page will give you the views of a wide range of experts. Tracking and profiling can be done not just through 3rd party cookies, but also through files, scripts, flash objects, web beacons and now even first party cookies. In fact, Tacoda now boasts of the indelible cookie as does United Virtualities. Read and decide for yourself.

We got so fascinated (and PO'd) at the games being played (see 'Microsoft undoes evil') on us that we built a free web service to make a dent in these practices. It works on any browser running on Windows 2000/XP --that means IE. Firefox, Navigator and even Opera. You install it, and it works quietly to block all types of tracking devices and even cleans up annoying ads. Check out after installation. Every week or so, there is an auto-update (with your permission) that adds definitions.

sQusi is available at as well as at a number of sites including freeware files

Just so, this is the only 'product' we offer and we intend to keep it free as a public service. Free means no trial period, no 'premium' version, no charge for data updates--total freeware.

"My question to the forum member is? Who is using sQusi Tracking Blocker? Is it good and safe to use?. Could this be achieved through other programs as well, I mean what program does put an end to so-called trackware? I know we will get strong protetsts here from the webmasters and the adsense collecting folks, but I see it as a nuisance, where  tracking is done without my consent.

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