Author Topic: Avast Secureline VPN disconnecting 3 times in a row. Then not working at all...  (Read 4299 times)

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m on OSX High Sierra (iMac 27" MED 2010, 250SSD, 16GB RAM) and generally having no issues at all.

I have been active paying subscriber to Avast VPN since oct 2017 but have never had the application function properly.

I initially thought it was an issue with ISP and/or router, but after installing Avast VPN on my iPhone, where the application works without issues at all (!!), im isolation my problems to the MAC version of the application.

What does not work:

I can connect to any VPN server on the list.
But as soon as I leave the computer and it goes into stand by, and the VPN disconnects for logical reason, the functionality "breaks".

After that, it connects for exactly a minute at a time (where the internet stalls after anywhere between 20-60 seconds), no connection.

After a minute I get a "The VPN was disconnected", “The VPN connects to #server#” (its retrying). That cycle happens 2 more times.

After that I cannot connect at all, but get the IOS standard

"Communication with the VPN server failed. (...)"
And Avast VPN shows “Conncetion error”.
(sorry, mine is in danish). No more VPN.

What does work:
Deinstalling the Avast VPN.
Installing the VPN.

Then everything works until the next sleep cycle, then the problem starts all over again.

Any idea about whats wrong?