Author Topic: Stopping the install of Chrome malware on update & 1 other question  (Read 425 times)

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AVAST free recently updated and installed the Google Chrome Malware Browser on my system.
Safest option was to restore from an image to get rid of Chrome Malware completely, as uninstalling it leaves stuff all over the place.
I don't want to use Chrome.
It doesn't give me an option to decline the installation of Chrome - it just installs it without my consent.
How do I block it?
At the moment I've had to turn off Avast updates ("Update Manually").

I connect to the Internet via a VPN which I start automatically at log on. It uses the standard Windows L2TP RASDial services so I don't need any bloatware clients to connect.

Without Avast the VPN is connected within a second or 2 of logging on.

With AVAST installed it takes a good 30 seconds to connect to the VPN, unless I check "Load Avast services only after loading other system services" Which it then gives me a warning about.

Is there some other way of addressing this?