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We have just released version 5.1 of our Avast Business Cloud Console and Antivirus Client Version 18.1. This release brings some a new client, enhancements, and bugs fixes.

New Client

There will be a new Avast Client version 18.1 that will address bug issues that can be found below.
▪ This new version will be available during the usual program version updates to devices. No action is required to update your devices.

Antivirus Client Enhancements

▪ You can now add multiple files to your Virus Chest at once.
▪ We now handle opening multiple Avast windows at once much better than before.
▪ We've optimized scans of downloaded executable (.exe) files.
▪ We now warn you if you try to shut down Windows during installation to ensure your Avast installation finishes properly.
▪ Avast updates and installations are now more reliable thanks to our new fallback HTTPS server that kicks in if our standard servers are not reachable.

Antivirus Client Bug Fixes

▪ Fixed scanning of files in your Virus Chest
▪ Fixed some problems with the Outlook plugin
▪ Fixed wrong text in the Recycle Bin context menu
▪ Fixed the name of the Avast window in the taskbar
▪ Fixed an annoying bug that minimized games every 30 minutes

Management Console Enhancements

▪ Updated Dashboard Security Widget that contains information if no devices are connected to the Console.
▪ Removed support of obsolete items in Web Troubleshooting section.

Management Console Bug Fixes

▪ Fixed issue with error message appearing when attempting to activate devices in the console.
▪ Fixed Boot-time Scan task issue where users are not able to create a task for this scan type.
▪ Fixed deletion of Tasks issue where some users were not able to delete Tasks in some cases.
▪ Fixed issue with duplicate device counts showing on the License Information panel.
▪ Fixed issue with Czech language showing in the Threat report on dashboard when English language was selected for the user.
▪ Fixed issue with error code text if billing server is down.
▪ Fixed issue with Master Agent hiding part of the buttons when 8 or more devices are selected from the list.

Release notes in PDF format can be found here: Avast Business Cloud Management Console 5.1 - Antivirus client 18.1


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Re: Avast Business Management Console cloud version 5.1 and Client 18.1
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Where can I find the Administrators Guide, or other usage documentation, for the Cloud Console?