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Not sure if it's some sort to bug or just me but since Firefox updated to 57 I have observed that if I have the Avast Passwords Add-On enabled Ebay cannot load pages/images/text normally.

Parts of the page loaded. Some pictures loaded. Most of the page was blank. It was real bad on my All Lists area. If I scrolled up/down sometimes things appear. Sometimes if I F5 more item pics would appear. Lots of laggy behavior. If I pulled scroll bar to below what is currently on the screen or all the way to the bottom or top of the page the screen went completely blank then after a moment the bar jumped to a (sometimes random) place along slider bar and page objects appear after a count of ~3.

I turned Passwords off. And everything was immediately fine again. On. Wait for it… Off. All better. Couldn’t find any mention of this issue in the interewebs after a precursory search so I chalked it up to weirdness on my end.

Recently I did a Refresh on my Firefox 58 to tidy everything up (from the 57 Quantum Leap) & tried Passwords again hoping maybe some old but of cobweb had just been conflicting with it. No such luck. Not quite as bad as a couple months ago but still distinctly there. I tried turning off all 7 add-ons (usual suspects: Adblock Plus, Ghostey, etc) I have installed in case there was interference there No improvement. Really no other modifications added yet FF, only a simple css script to move the tabs below the address bar.

Then I checked the other two computers in my house to see it this was localized to just my main one. Same issue on those two also. A small bit of validation. The 2 smarter computers seem to recover from the lag faster/show more images.

All desktops are running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit w/all current updates +SSD +i5/7-4790 +16GB ram etc so are not top of the line by any means but are reasonably peppy & well behaved. All should be able to handle this task.

Side note: Avast Passwords seems to play just fine with Ebay in Chrome on all these computers.

It’s easy enough for me to toggle Avast Passwords off when on Ebay but figured I’d speak up in case any others are experiencing similar issues so it could be addressed if it becomes a pattern.

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Re: Avast Passwords Add-On in Firefox & Ebay cannot load pages normally
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You may need to dig a little deeper. As you can see, not a problem here.

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