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I am a Chinese user. After I bought your company's avast ultimate on March 4 at 22:59 local time, I tried many times to activate it. But pop-up error (574). After finding the mailbox did not receive the relevant activation license mail, so far have not received (not in the trash). I was through your company China official website ( to buy the activation code, the use of E-mail is:, if there is the relevant staff to see this Please contact me via this forum or my email, thank you.
我是一名中国使用者,于当地时间3月4日22:59分,购买贵公司的avast ultimate后,多次尝试激活使用。但是弹出错误(574)。之后查找邮箱并没有收到相关的激活许可证邮件,至今都还没有收到(垃圾箱里也没有)。我当时是通过贵公司中国官网(购买的激活码,使用的邮箱是,如果有相关的工作人员看到这封信息的话,请通过这个论坛或我的邮箱联系我,谢谢。

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