Author Topic: Using SOA's IP address instead of NetBios name Avast Endpoint protection  (Read 3143 times)

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Hi everybody !

I've some trouble with Avast Endpoint Protection suite.

I've a SOA running on Windows Server 2016. Installation went fine.

Then I added the SOA server into the avast client on each computer, set up in a different network from the SOA server.
This step went fine too since I see my computer in the SOA Dashboard.

BUT, when I try to download the database definition from my client, I get an error saying that Avast can't connect to the server, because it is using the netbios name instead the IP Address I set :(
Unable to connect to the server srv-maj-av:8731 (unknown:8731)
srv-maj-av is my SOA server.

I can't understand why Avast is using netbios name while, in the config file, the IP address is set
And nowhere I mentionned "srv-maj-av"

I tried to restart the computer, set another netbios name, set an entry into the DNS, ... nothing works :(
And I REALLY want to avast use the IP address. It seems weird that it can't.

I rely on your help :)