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Simple question, but really hard answer to find. LOTRO
« on: March 16, 2018, 01:18:17 AM »
I am a very long time supported and believer in Avast. I have purchased Avast for all of my computers and recommend it to everyone I talk to, but.....  I have been having one problem as of late. Ok, so I have what I think is a very simple question but the answer seems almost impossible to find.

Simply put, I have the latest Avast Premier installed on Windows 7 Pro SP 1 and I play Lord of the Rings Online. How do I configure Avast to allow me to play. I just need plain, straight forward instructions on what I need to do. I know the LOTRO programs that need to be excluded and the port ranges but it does not seem to work. There is NOTHING when you search their support site or the Internet about how to configure Avast for anything. There is no way to contact Avast except to make a phone call. I just want a simple text document telling me what I need to do to get Avast to work with the games I play (LOTRO, WOW, Neverwinter, etc.) without having to uninstall Avast and purchasing another Anti-Virus program, because that is the point I am at right now.