Author Topic: Upgrading Avast Security for Mac Free or Buying Pro (different prices)  (Read 1001 times)

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I have been using Avast for a number of years, first on a Windows PC and now on my Mac, but always the free version.  I am considering upgrading to the Pro version on my Mac but have a questions regarding cost.

If I select Upgrade from within the free version, it states £2.49/month (£29.88/year) to add both of the additional Pro features, however, buying Pro on your website is quoted as £49.99 per year, does the Pro version bought and downloaded as such include additional features which the free version upgrade does not?

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The prices differ however you are buying the same product. Featurewise there is no difference. The only reason is that we are giving better price to our existing users who upgrade to Pro. It seems quite common practice for lot of existing products with freemium or trial model. In other words - if you wanna safe then buy it directly from the FreeAV product ;)
Quality is also a feature.