Author Topic: [Solved] Problem with SpeechRuntime.exe and Firewall of Avast Internet Security  (Read 1534 times)

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I encounter a problem with SpeechRuntime.exe and the Firewall of Avast Internet Security.
To avoid a message on Firewall of Avast, I have to add manually "SpeechRuntime.exe" in the topic “Other” and since I do not have any more any problem.
But, on my another machine, I have to try to make the same thing and there with the same version of Avast and the same version of Windows 10 - v1709, "Avast Internet Security" does not view/find "SpeechRuntime.exe" file... See screenshot -> (View by Avast) but the same file with Windows Explorer is viewed and finded  :o see screenshot -> (View by Windows Explorer)...
Someone else with you it noticed this problem and solve it ?
Thank you for your assistance

PS: The file “SpeechRuntime.exe” belongs to “Cortana”, it's not locked, not hidden, i use an Admin account, this file is indexed, etc…
It is just Avast which does not display even if one uses "*.exe" instead of "*.*" in search windows  >:(
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