Author Topic: Logon Problems after adding Avast Cleanup Premium  (Read 1407 times)

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Logon Problems after adding Avast Cleanup Premium
« on: April 20, 2018, 09:44:48 PM »
The day after installing I get this message on one of the two profiles on my computer.  The problem profile is password protected.

The User Profile Service service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded.

I did some fiddling and things got worse.  I can now log into my password protected profile.  Sort of.  Instead of taking me to my familiar well worn desktop, it opens a new desktop that you would see the first time you open windows.  When I check windows explorer, in C:/Documents and Settings/my profile/desktop, all is as it should be but that configuration does not show on the actual desktop.  I can found it in Windows Explorer quite easily, hell, a blind man could find it with a cane, but windows is oblivious.  I did note that those files in explorer in the specialized portion which includes favorites, desktop, network, control panel and recycle bin are not correct and reflect a brand new profile.  This has affected the personalisation of my start menu, saved downloads, libraries, email client, browser and who knows what else.

As you can appreciate, I am furious.  I need this fixed.  All advice welcome.

Avast Cleanup Premium:  Program version:  17.3 (build 4228)
OS:  Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
No other security software
I've been using Avast free for about 5 years.  Previously used ZoneAlarm.


I have used system restore and that appears to have cleared up the problem but also negated (unsurprisingly) everything Cleanup did.  For now I will use but one item of Cleanup each day to see which one is the culprit.
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