Author Topic: Avast 2023 18.4.2338 Cleaned after reboot system was destroyed. Scans slow EXHD  (Read 990 times)

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I'm scanning a 200 gig folder in my external hard drive for viruses. This file came from a laptop I installed Avast on. It had a virus so once installed I scanned it. It found over 100 infected files. So I allowed it to clean them up. I had to restart the computer. I watched it boot, it said doing startup repair. Then it said Startup couldn't repair your computer it had a restart and a troubleshoot button. I tried every kind of way it had to get the laptop to repair. Also the operating system startup repair from the installation disk, the downloads from microsoft website. Nothing worked. I had to install Linux so I could get my files. After talking with Avast support my only choice was to do a fresh install. I got the files and put them in a secure folder on my external hard drive. Using another computer I clicked the folder and had it scanned. It  said scan from windows explorer. It was on 1% for 2 hours, then 5% for 3 hours. It has been over 15 hours and it is only on 38%. The folder is 200 gigs. Should it take this long.