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There doesn't seem to be an official or already-existing post on this, so here are some thoughts as someone who is in the process of migrating to the new console, coming from SOA. Fair warning, a lot of this is going to be 'it worked in the old console' stuff:

- Tasks need to be able to be modified, especially recurring ones.  Why can't they be edited? in SOA this was no issue?
- Tasks need to be able to be assigned to groups, not just discrete machines.  We historically have different settings for servers and clients, as well as different schedules of recurring tasks. I want to be able to assign tasks to groups, which filter down to whatever devices are in those groups, such that when devices are added / removed / moved between groups, they get assigned those tasks automatically.  in SOA this was no issue? EDIT: just saw this thread, which fixes this for the cloud version, ostensibly coming soon for the on-premise (
- Tasks need to be able to be assigned more frequently than just daily (e.g. AV update checks).  Unclear how often clients are checking for updates by default; in SOA this was a task that came with the console from the get-go to check every 2 hours (though you could modify that).  Similarly, you could also control how often the update mirror checks for updates discretely; seems to be no way to do that now?
- Notifications are good, but would like to be able to automatically just email them to a group or single address w/o having to 'read' notifications in the console at all. I'm certain my SMTP settings are ok, yet I don't seem to be getting email notifications. I would essentially like the ability to do both simultaneously, not just 'email if not read'. SOA seemed to handle this fine
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Re: Feature Requests (for Avast Business Console on-site manager)
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You can use the portal to request new features.