Author Topic: do we need to buy passwords for every device? how would that work?  (Read 1986 times)

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evidently it does not, somehow we have two licenses because I was prompted to buy password for for the other computer but there is no syncing of the accounts, plus if I use it on my macbook pro, 3 desktops, iphone and 3 ipads that is 8 licenses @79 each that is $632 per year, are you nuts? I don't pay that much for 5 licenses for Avast professional. plus how in the heck is that supposed to work? 


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As I can see right now AP is completely free (at the Russian market).

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The official price for passwords premium $20/year and the license can be used on multiple devices. If you are asked to pay $79 each then it must be nasty bug. Could you provide me something (email, license number etc.) so I can investigate the case. Please don't put the information to the forum thread, send it to me via Personal message of to my mailbox