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When I have the VPN "on", any peer downloads that I try, never download. I can leave it on overnight and not a single bit downloads and there are plenty of peers available.

As soon as I turn the VPN "off" the download immediately starts and completes. I have tried this several times.

I have even tried to change my "location" and this does not seem to change the results.

In the info on this site for Secure Line it lists "Peer-to-peer support".

Any help would be appreciated so I can leave the VPN on. Thanks!


SOLVED! Somehow I didnt get the topic through using search function here but by browsing I saw another user post the same question.

Answer is you can not use a US location even if you are downloading non-copyrighted (legal) files. You must choose a foreign location that has "P2P" after it (such as France, Czech Republic, etc)
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Re: Cannot download from peer sites with Secure Line VPN on - SOLVED
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Hallo blackbeard! 8)
Every VPN service has a lot of servers which doesn't allow P2P downloads. But, they always have some servers ready and optimized for P2P downloading.

Those are all the servers which allow P2P downloads using SecureLine VPN:

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