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Sync & Backup, Backup Identity
« on: July 04, 2018, 08:59:17 AM »

I have followed the steps here:

Sync subsequent devices. This happens to be another Windows Device. After activating the passwords it said it is now syncing but it never asked me for a code as in the example. How do I know it is now syncing?

I wanted to test the email I received from AVAST "Backup Identity". This email I have received from them a year ago. Went through the steps but no it is asking me for a master password but it wants the master password I created the FIRST time I did this. How wonderful! I cannot remember that.

AVAST from me to you: You need to find another way to make this work. When people complain so much it should be a hint to you that this is not working.

What must I do now? I want to uninstall my AVAST on my system and then re-install. But if it is not going to recover my passwords because I have no idea what the old password was.



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Re: Sync & Backup, Backup Identity
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 11:28:24 AM »
Hi Barry,

As for syncing process, verification that the sync is working is straightforward. Add or change some password on one device, wait a bit and check it on the other device. If you see the addition / change on the new device, its working. The code is for verification purposes only, so you know you are approving correct device (You might have multiple pending approvals)

As for the backup identity, yeah, we are fully aware that it sucks. Thats why there is new implementation that won't require old master password. With it, every time you add a new device you will receive a code via email that you just enter into new device and it will be instantly authorised. Avast Passwords for Mac and iOS already have it and its coming to windows as well, in version 18.6 if things fo well, 18.7 if they don't.

Now, to resolve your situation. You mentioned this is 2nd device you want to add to synchronisation, so if the first one is properly syncing (you see that the sync is on in synchronisation settings) then all you need to do is approve 2nd device from it (you will see in sync settings that there is a device waiting for approval). Also, the master password you have on the 1st device is most likely the master password the self-authorisation process wants. We do not force users to change master password periodically, so it still might be the one you set up when you started using passwords.