Author Topic: Avast Premier and Secureline VPN seperate multiple licences  (Read 597 times)

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I recently bought firstly Secureline VPN for 3 PC for Computer A, B and C.

And I bought after with same e-mail (unfortunately) Avast Premium for Computer A, D and E.

I activate Secureline VPN for B; there are not problem! Avast AV Premium and Secureline both works in same computer. But now I installed Avast Premium antivirus for A, D, E. For these computers (A, D and E) shows that Secureline also active in these computers. But I don't want use Secureline VPN in these computers; therefore I need don't activate for these.

How can I seperate two licences and install implied licence configuration?

Thank you a lot!

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Re: Avast Premier and Secureline VPN seperate multiple licences
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