Author Topic: Avast Secure Browser refuses to be closed using Task Manager.  (Read 9145 times)

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Re: Avast Secure Browser refuses to be closed using Task Manager.
« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2020, 12:28:23 AM »
Same problem. And it is a problem. No program should run automatically and users should be able to stop using a nonessential program. I have six browser programs, I don't need another. The antivirus program legitimately should not be easy to turn off, but the browser is unnecessary.

I am attempting to uninstall the  Avast browser.  Hopefully that will work. Shouldn't be necessary, but I don't want programs sitting  in background if I have no current use for them. I might h ave looked at usingthe Avast browser if someone identified a use for it, but if the only way to not use it is to uninstall it, that's the only choice I have.
The Avast secure Browser is the same as any other browser in as far as it's usage goes.
You choose which browser you want to use. I personally have 5 browsers installed but only use one as my default browser.
The Secure Browsers strength is the ability to use it Bank Mode to keep you safe when doing your banking and shopping.

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