Author Topic: Please help! Avast keep detect Wannacry-A & Wannacry-C from MSSECSVC.EXE  (Read 4203 times)

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Hi Avast Team,

i am desperately need help now.
Avast always detect Wannacry on client PC about 40+ client,it's already a week.
All client PC virus definition is up to date which i force udpate from AEA console. But after scan and remove the virus, it keep showing again.
I tried using Adware Malware but the virus still keep show up again.

Please help with advise me what i do need to do  :'(

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Upload and scan MSSECSVC.EXE here  >>

post link to scan result here

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Hi Pondus,

Thanks for respond.

I can't do it caused the files already removed by Avast every time it showing.
Please refer to attached image below.