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I'm planning on buying Avast Premier for our 3 PCs and for 3 years.

However, i'm also using my computers for testing softwares and i tend to reformat a lot.

With my previous AVs (Eset, Norton, Bitdefender, etc...) i was able to uninstall/reinstall as many times as i wanted. Like i could literally reformat my PC every day if i wanted to.

My questions are:

1: is it working the same with Avast ? Is there an unlimited number of activation/deactivation as long as we don't exceed the number of PCs on license ?

2: are licenses fully manager by the online Avast account ? As in, if i keep Avast installed and deactivate it from the online account, will it be disable when it syncs, or no ?

3: should my licenses be blocked, is the customer support understanding to reset licenses, or strict on that ? (i had a bad experience with GData where they blocked my licenses, but all i did was reformat my computer a lot as i never share my licenses with anyone) ?

Thank you so much for your patience, waiting to be a member of Avast soon ;-)

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Just save your license file, it can be reused as often as needed, provided you don't exceed the number of installations. 

Avast has a account that the user logs into and that has informations on the devices installed and licenses that are assigned to.  That can be used to manage license use, just remove the device you had the license assigned to. Once you install it after the reformat you should be able to assign it to the newly reformatted system.

You normally get an email after purchase which has an activation code and an attached license file.  The activation code has a limited number of uses (I don't know how many), but the license files don't.
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