Author Topic: Does Avast Internet Security work on IMAP as well as POP3 e-mails? OL? T-Bird?  (Read 1144 times)

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Years ago I heard that my anti-virus subscription with Norton Anti-Virus was working to scrub (my favorite verb) incoming (and hopefully outgoing) e-mails, but only if I was using POP3.        For the IMAP paradigm, I had to rely on the e-mail service provider ( to scrub the messages.     I was never completely comfortable with that blind faith in a service provider.

Nowadays I use a lot of Google Mail and have considerable faith that the provider blocks malware, virus, etc., but I still expect Avast Internet Security to be my ultimate protector.     

Does AIS work on incoming POP3?
Does AIS work on incoming IMAP?
Does AIS work on outgoing     i.e., any and all outgoing e-mail?

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