Author Topic: Avast Premier not installing all components (sandbox, rescue disk & firewall )  (Read 789 times)

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hi,  wanted to try avast antivirus before i buy but when i installed it from full offline installer several components like sanbox did not get installed so downloaed offline isntaller avast premier but  sanbox firewall and sevral other components simply do not install even after selecting and this happens with all the latest version only the Avast Premier 18.1.2326 (Build 18.1.3800.0) released in feb 2018  i have tried to install the realses after feb 2018 even did a clean install of windows with not even drivers installed but the same issue comes to all the version released after feb 2018. only this version installs good with all components but some times it also does not install firewall and sandbox and rescue disk at all, if i reinstall it in virtual machine as well it has still the same issues. how to get this fixed, is using offline installer causing this issue. because i have installed all the versions from february 2018 till  date but every installer has same issue compenents missing even after selecting in install options.

waiting for ur reply.

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Hi, you can't (re)test Premier endlessly.
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