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I am inserting an email I send to Avast email address which bounces back every time. Is there no way of getting into contact with a human being on the staff of Avast???!!! Nothing works to put me into contact and get help.
Subject: Please help!

Dear Avast/Digital River Staff,
After five repeated messages sent to Avast forum re cancelling my subscription and getting NO satisfaction I am getting really upset! (see “mausie” ) I was forced to use the forum as I have no record of my ID or the transaction apart from this which I can’t open:

file:///C:/Users/Cecilia/Documents/Accounts,P/Avast%20-%20Order%20Confirmation%20(Order%20%2320596373708).htm  for 3 July 2018.

Avast is happy enough to take my money immediately, bit then there is silence and absolutely no customer care. The website makes contact almost impossible as I go round and round in circles trying to contact someone at Avast who actually reads the messages and has enough courtesy to reply and try to help.

I bought a subscription for Avast Premuim Cleanup on 3/7/18. After using it a few times I found all my Picasa data base(over a thousand photos!) had been corrupted and it has taken DAYS to fix the problem. My computer has also slowed down.

Above all I am simply so disappointed and really upset with the lack of care and service from Avast and am asking for
1.   a refund, as I am uninstalling the program and still have 301 days left. I know it is over 30 days but it has taken me so long to make any contact with Avast!
2.   Cancel my subscription as of NOW please.

I am so frustrated and angry with the poor service from Avast and so surprised for a well known brand to show such poor behaviour toward its customers.

I live in hope of getting a reply back. Thank you!

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