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Linking to a blacklisted domain...
« on: August 27, 2018, 12:15:30 AM »

Not flagged here:
This does not seem blocked -
Look at the code:   -> The location line in the header above has redirected the request to: -
Blocked for me uBlock Origin as ||^$document  in the privacy block filter.

Error in code
  found JavaScript
     error: undefined function document.getElementById("input").focus
     error: line:3: SyntaxError: missing = in XML attribute:
          error: line:3: <!DOCTYPE html>
          error: line:3: ..............^
     status: ( 2850 bytes 3f16d59bd1ba27d3e580cc8dcab6385fc746fac5
     info: [decodingLevel=0] found JavaScript
     error: undefined variable $
     error: undefined function $
     suspicious: maxruntime exceeded 10 seconds (incomplete) 0 bytes
     file: 3f16d59bd1ba27d3e580cc8dcab6385fc746fac5: 2850 bytes
     file: 357533ffdb45d1055ef609d1c287eaa078c6b587: 3346 bytes

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