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Do Not Disturb Mode Problems
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:16:24 PM »
I have 5 computers running Avast Anti-Virus Pro on Windows 10 Pro.  On at least 3 of them (Intel and AMD), I've experienced problems with Do Not Disturb Mode.  It took a while to track down.  First, I would find that my Scheduled Tasks were disabled.  After re-enabling them, I found that repeated tasks (daily, repeat hourly or every 10 minutes) only ran the first time.  Also found I was getting Windows Push Notifications errors in the Event Log.  The first Push Notification error occurred on 8/29/2018.  Searching the Internet, someone mentioned Avast Game Mode.  I found the Do Not Disturb Mode, and uninstalled it.  After rebooting, no more issues.  I don't run any games, and the only full-screen app I'm aware of is Remote Desktop.  I uninstalled Do Not Disturb Mode and the annoying Cleanup (not blaming it as the source of this problem) from all my computers and my event logs have had just the normal errors and tasks run reliably.  I personally don't have any vested interest in Do Not Disturb Mode working, but you might want to fix this issue.