Author Topic: Avast! 4 and Norton System Works 2002 Pro (aka finally fixed Win 2000 problem)  (Read 2295 times)

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Ok, I finally got it.

Short version:
Avast! 4 evidently doesn't like the Norton Protected Recycle Bin.  Disabling NPRB solved my crash problem.

Long version:
After I said I had matters fixed in this thread, I discovered I hadn't solved the real problem.  I fixed the errors that were showing up in my logs, but Windows only successfully booted one time (after which I said I "fixed" the problem; ha!), then proceeded to regularly crash again.

I received a crash dump analysis from Vlk (thanks for putting in all the extra work!), and started investigating the problem.  Doing a few boots under different conditions and with logs finally showed me that the crash occurred during the load of npdriver.sys, the driver for the Norton Protected Recycle Bin. I disabled Norton recycle bin protection, and whatdayaknow, Avast! works!  (And yes, I have done multiple reboots this time to make sure it really works!  ;) )

For the record, I am using Norton System Works 2002 Pro on Windows 2000 Pro SP4.  The version of NPDRIVER.SYS that caused the problem is, dated 2/5/2002.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you to those that helped get this worked out!



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I think that some of these tools just make things worse.


friends don't let friends use Norton