Author Topic: Avast offere to remove Firefox addon with bad reputations, but didn't really  (Read 596 times)

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Yesterday I upgraded my Firefox browser to Quantum (version 57). I found some replacement addons to replace a couple of the ones Quantum disabled. Later in the day Avast Antivirus flagged two of them as having bad reputations and offered to remove them. I let Avast remove them, but all it seems to have done is removed them from the list of Extension on about:addons, the Firefox page where you add/remove/configure extensions.  Is there another way to remove them?

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Firefox 57 is almost a year out of date!  For your own security you should update your browser (the latest is Firefox 63.0, released today).

You can remove the add-ons via menu: Tools -> Add-ons -> click Extensions on the left, find the offending add-on in the list and click the Remove button.