Author Topic: Impossible to uninstall piece of s**t Device Driver Updater  (Read 2160 times)

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Impossible to uninstall piece of s**t Device Driver Updater
« on: October 23, 2018, 08:16:44 PM »
Unfortunately I made the mistake of allowing Avast to add it's 'Device Driver Updater' and it's wrecked my finely balanced rig by digging in like a tick that can't be removed. My first attempt to uninstall it resulted in it saying it was uninstalling a stub. All further attempts to uninstall it fail with the message "Windows cannot find [path]/Uninstallstub.exe".

I have tried rebooting. No effect.
I have tried to re-install the piece of s**t - that has no effect. I think it just sees it's already there and silently fails to reinstall.

I am trying workarounds to minimise it's impact llike setting it to not load at startup but jeez - the biggest piece of cr*p on my whole system now is from Avast. THEN I find they won't respond to my request for help and send me here. Some people don't use Forums. Might be worth warning people on Twitter about Avast?

ANyomne here get into the same cr*P and find a way out of it?