Author Topic: Can't activate on mobile device - Requested DL Product License Can't Be Verified  (Read 3178 times)

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I have installed on android.

When I enter my activation key at voucher box under 'Remove Ads', it says Voucher not found. Check the code and try again.

I copied from my email order confirmation.

I requested a License to download, and when I click it on my Mac it says Product License Can't Be Verified on Interface.

How do I activate on my Android?

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I signed in on my android Avast App.

Although it still says upgrade?

How do I activate particular features, I have full license license to..

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Hi, please try to reconnect your device to the account:
- open the app → tap on Menu → Avast Account → Disconnect → Sign out
- select exactly the same method for login you use on (with Google, Facebook, or E-mail)
- follow on-screen instructions to link the app to your My Avast Account